Population Health

Service Line Improvement

In this new environment, improving service line performance and making the right choices in terms of service line portfolio management is critical. You need to prioritize and select the right strategies for the right services, all while delivering care as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our experts can help develop strategic and business plans, feasibility studies, business development plans, co-management arrangements, and improve performance for all major service lines. Our proven, financially driven, market-based strategic planning process engages stakeholders and creates actionable strategies that enable your key service lines to thrive. Among other benchmarks, we use our Service Line Assessment Tool to compare your profile against strong regional centers of excellence to reveal opportunities for differentiation, strengths to leverage, and gaps to resolve.

We can help:

  • Analyze your service line portfolio to identify priorities and resource allocation between service lines
  • Design effective physician integration and alignment strategies and models, including co-management, bundled payment, and joint ventures
  • Improve efficiency with Lean, Six Sigma, and other methodologies
  • Interpret the implications of clinical trends
  • Complete financial analysis (e.g., valuation and fair market compensation studies)
  • Develop payer strategies, including new payment models such as bundled payment
  • Evaluate service line utilization, resource needs projections, and facility planning
  • Enhance system-wide service line structure, including consolidation opportunities and management structure
  • Assess department operations and staffing
  • Assess IT needs and planning