Financial Operations and Transactions

Fairness Opinions

With transactions on the rise, and hospitals and health systems looking for new and creative ways to strengthen physician alignment, it is important that you get trusted fairness opinions to guide your decision-making and gain buy-in. We have issued fairness opinions in many complex healthcare transactions involving multiple agreements and entities. These frequently involve carving out departments or contracts from the hospitals, medical groups, or parent organizations. We provide fairness opinions for:

  • Co-management agreements
  • Management services agreements
  • Professional services agreements/physician compensation
  • Covenants not-to-compete
  • Medical directorship contracts
  • ED call coverage compensation

Our accredited appraisers and experienced healthcare executives understand the technical and operational aspects of healthcare organizations, issuing respected fairness opinions based on objectivity, skilled analyses, and experience. We use a variety of industry surveys, databases, and benchmarks to base our independent analyses. Our experts are well versed in Stark regulations, the IRS CPE guidelines for nonprofit organizations, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and other relevant legislation and guidelines that affect fairness opinions.