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Care Design and Delivery

Reduce cost. Improve quality. Provide value. Improve performance and efficiency.

Your operations must be integrated with your strategy and financial performance and run at peak performance in order to achieve these objectives and survive in value-based world. However, hospitals and healthcare systems are dynamic, complex organizations with many interdependent functions, which makes this ever more challenging. As we move into this new era of healthcare, there will be winners and losers Рare your hospital operations poised to ensure you succeed? Have you deployed Lean or Six Sigma to streamline processes and eliminate waste?  What steps have you taken to reduce readmissions and variations in clinical care and outcomes and improve quality?

Our team of experienced C-suite executives, department directors, and business office and systems improvement consultants has a strong record of multi-million dollar improvements in rural, urban, and public hospitals, academic medical centers, and healthcare systems. Through a range of hospital operations consulting services, we can help you address pressures now and position you to manage your services and resources going forward. This includes assessing and improving operations and reducing costs to support new payment and coordinated care delivery models.

We have the proven tools and extensive industry experience needed to help you evaluate current performance, apply best practice methodologies, identify improvement opportunities, and evolve your operations to support your successful transition to value-based care.