Care Design and Delivery

Care Management / Patient Throughput

The new role of care management needs to be considered not in the historical context of an acute care hospital, but in the context of the full continuum of care. To manage the health of a population you must coordinate case managers in your hospital with those in primary care provider offices, specialty clinics, managed care plans, and post-acute venues.

Our care management experts can help you evaluate your current case management model for key processes such as length-of-stay management; integration of care provision between case managers in the full continuum; application of clinical guidelines for admission; management of avoidable days and denials; and the process to manage discharge placement into the community. We are experienced at identifying key priorities for the design and implementation of a care management model that help supports the transition to value-based care. Integration with hospitalist program performance is also a critical component of successful care management programs; and our hospitalist team can also assist with evaluating the degree of integration and collaboration between the inpatient physician management team and the nursing care managers.

Case Management Program
GE Healthcare Camden Group can educate and train your case managers through our on-site Case Management Program.  We conduct on-site education sessions with your case managers and provide clinical shadowing and mentoring to your case management staff.

Patient Throughput Performance Improvement
The entire healthcare team needs to be engaged to address capacity, improve continuity of care, and determine appropriate bed aggregation by service lines to effectively deliver appropriate care to the right patient at the right time in the right venue. Our operations experts identify ways to improve patient throughput and provide a “Balanced Scorecard” to help measure and monitor key metrics.