Care Design and Delivery

Interim Management

As your hospital goes through a management transition, an experienced and qualified interim management team can bring stability and ease the transition process. Finding a permanent replacement to fill gaps in leadership is a lengthy process, and your hospital cannot afford to come to a standstill as efforts are made to recruit new leaders – especially not in this current environment when choosing the right course of action at the right time may make the difference between succeeding and failing.

Our on-site staff and specialists fill a variety of roles, including all C-suite positions; treasurers, controllers, revenue cycle directors, service line directors, education and care management specialists.  We assist with day-to-day management, oversee hospital sales and closures, and in particular, turnaround troubled hospitals. Our team brings the same rigorous approach to interim healthcare management that we apply to all other client services. This includes completing an organizational assessment at the start of an interim assignment to identify operational strengths and weaknesses and guide particular areas for management focus. In addition, we provide regular interim assignment progress reports as well as monitor key organizational performance metrics.