Care Design and Delivery

Nursing / Clinical Department Improvement

When you think about delivering the right care at the right time and at the right cost, this means that the roles of nurses and other clinicians need to evolve to meet these challenges. As you work towards increasing care collaboration across the care continuum, they must play a key part in standardizing care approaches, streamlining processes to optimize outcomes, and reducing readmissions – all to improve quality while reducing costs.

Our team of nursing and clinical experts evaluate the performance of hospital departments and identifies opportunities to improve operational efficiency, reduce the cost of operations, and improve services and patient satisfaction. We apply process improvement methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma to identify opportunities to achieve long-lasting results. Our approach considers financial performance, internal processes, and quality outcomes, and provides learning and development. Our proven assessment tools thoroughly examine all aspects impacting financial, clinical, and operating performance. On-site, we conduct interviews and observe patient flow, processes, and document review. Our in-depth data analysis supports our assessment findings and recommendations, and we develop implementation plans and leadership mentoring to improve the department’s performance. We can also support implementation through the provision of interim management when necessary.