Physician Services

Workflow Mapping & Redesign

Medical groups today are under great pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency as government and commercial reimbursement moves to fee-for-value at an increasing pace. Fee-for-value reimbursement includes performance measures for patient satisfaction, which is significantly reduced when medical offices are inefficient; your patients simply do not want to spend long periods of time waiting, be it in the waiting room or exam room, or even at check out. Meanwhile, the number of non-traditional providers, including retail clinics, is increasing dramatically. These providers offer nearly immediate access to care. To compete and to succeed, medical groups need to increase patient access to care to a couple days or, better yet, same day. By streamlining office workflows, medical groups can increase capacity and access, thereby improving patient satisfaction, as well as work life satisfaction for the physician, who can better focus on providing quality patient care.

The experts at GE Healthcare Camden Group can help assess and redesign your work flows to increase efficiency. We document and analyze current state work flows onsite, using our proprietary mobile software to track time cycles and gather data to identify opportunities for performance improvement. Our experts are trained in Lean thinking and apply Lean principles to redesign work flow in your practice, ensuring your eliminate inefficiencies and optimize performance.

Read our recent case study with a large national medical group where we analyzed five major operational processes for a total of 250 work flows, resulting in a time savings of an average of one hour per day per physician.