Strategy and Leadership

Bundled Payments

Does your organization have strong cardiac or orthopedic programs? You may be well positioned to take on a value-based episodic care arrangement with a payer – that is, to bundle the professional and technical payments into one for a single admission or episode of care. Bundled payment models can help shift market share and add volume, resulting in lower costs per case and an increase in an organization’s aggregate quality results. While CMS has piloted bundled payments through their Acute Care Episode Demonstration (ACE) project and the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Initiative (BPCII), organizations across the country are beginning to pursue bundled payments directly with commercial payers as well. The benefits are significant, and forward-thinking hospitals will consider seizing the opportunity now.

We are uniquely experienced to help you assess, design, and implement bundled payments, as well as assist you in pursuing designation as a CMS pilot. Our advisors are leading experts in bundled payment and have hands-on experience in winning the selection as one of the initial CMS ACE pilot projects. Our multidisciplinary team has a 100 percent approval rate with applications to CMMI for participation in the current BPCII initiative and is currently leading bundled payment initiatives with both Medicare and commercial payers for various organizations across the nation.