Strategy and Leadership

Facility Planning

Facility planning may feel like a daunting and costly endeavor. From reconfiguring the wing of a hospital to replacing an entire facility, it becomes more expensive with every change order. Our team can assist you in the planning process, help you avoid common pitfalls and setbacks, and develop facility solutions that are forward thinking, yet practical, cost-effective, and evidence-based.

Our clinicians, thought leaders, and planners have more than 35 years of experience with facility plans and master plans. Our team includes former provider-side executives and clinical leaders who bring the depth of their experience to partner with healthcare providers and architects in all aspects of the pre-design phase of the construction process. We help evaluate your current state, considering a variety of internal and external factors, such as the impact of healthcare reform, industry and technology trends, and strategic direction. We focus on developing a framework for systematically realizing your future state.

Our role in facility planning includes the following key processes in the pre-design phase:

  • Defining the delivery network
  • Current state assessment
  • Market assessment and utilization projections
  • Facility sizing
  • Functional and space programming
  • Financial feasibility

Our pre-design services include: