Strategy and Leadership

Governance / Leadership Development

A strong governance or advisory board is a strategic asset, particularly now with so much change in the healthcare arena. An educated, aligned board can make the difference between merely surviving short-term and thriving long-term. Our experts have hospital and medical group governance experience (some have served on these boards) and can help you assess and identify appropriate strategies to achieve your organization’s governance objectives. We have more than two decades of experience advising executives and boards on the development and restructure of governance for joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, ACOs, physician organizations, and start-up ventures to meet the needs of any organization. The scope of our services includes initial governance design, board restructuring/performance improvement, board facilitation, and training.

Board Facilitation and Training

The complexity of healthcare governance requires ongoing and focused board education. Our experts provide annual and ongoing board education based on the unique needs of each institution:

We are also frequent speakers and contributing authors to The Governance Institute and their Leadership Conference series as well as Trustee Magazine.