Strategy and Leadership

Retreat Facilitation & Education

Retreats have become a fundamental part of education, planning, and goal-setting sessions for leadership groups of all types. While the success of a retreat is depends numerous factors, enlisting strong, knowledgeable speakers/facilitators, such as our thought leadership team, can help make the most of your retreats and ensure that you achieve your retreat objectives.

We work with healthcare providers, health plans, boards, management, physicians, and other groups to plan and conduct board and management retreats tailored to your specific needs. With our skilled retreat facilitators, including those trained in GE's Change Acceleration Process, and an array of retreat tools and approaches, participants can achieve essential objectives, such as:

  • Develop a common level of understanding on issues
  • Engage in a robust interchange of ideas and “stretch” thinking
  • Set vision, goals, and strategies
  • Prioritize resource allocation
  • Develop specific solutions to one or more business issues
  • Encourage collaboration and accelerate buy-in
  • Develop action plans and commitment ┬áto implementing the work products/outcomes
  • Create successful teams and meaningful relationships


We frequently present educational programs, webinars, and seminars on a variety of topics such as the implications of healthcare reform and top trends for the industry. These educational programs are relevant for board retreats, medical staff meetings, senior management, and department-level sessions.