Thought Leadership


We speak at many of the leading national and regional conferences on a variety of topics.  Hear us speak and meet us in person at the following events this year:

National Value-based Payment and Pay for Performance Summit

Pay for Performance and Value-based Payments 101: A Primer
Date: 03/08/17 - 03/10/17
Location: San Francisco, CA
Speakers: Susan Corneliuson, MHS, Mark Krivopal, M.D., and Laura Jacobs, MPH
This year's conference will provide an opportunity to engage with colleagues from across the country on the issues, opportunities, and challenges facing the health care system in 2017 and beyond. Leaders from industry, government and the non-profit sector will share best practices and lessons learned from grappling with real-world implementation issues as they strive to improve quality while reducing costs.

HFMA Seminar

Building Collaboration Between Clinical And Financial Leaders
Date: 11/18/16
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Speakers: Brad Malsed
The emergence of new value-based care and payment models emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the clinical and financial leaders within healthcare organizations. Because the transition to value-based models inherently includes both quality and cost, it is a critical arena for collaboration between clinical and financial leaders, who often speak different languages, have different perspectives, and focus on different goals.

HFMA Seminar

Improving The Management And Financial Performance Of Medical Groups And Employed Physicians
Date: 11/16/16 - 11/17/16
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Speakers: Sabrina Burnett and Cami Hawkins
The shift from volume to value-based care continues to affect both the management of medical groups in the ambulatory environment as well as organizations that employ physicians. Financial losses and operational challenges due to reductions in fee-for-service reimbursement, growth in patient financial responsibility, and the ever-changing regulatory environment impact every strategic aspect of physician practice management, including recruitment and compensation, governance models, resource allocation and efficiencies, workflows, and metrics. This seminar presents best practice strategies to improve both management and financial performance through physician alignment, practice acquisition management, compensation model redesign, revenue cycle management, health information technology, and data analytics.

The Academic Health Center of the Future—New Approaches to Capacity Optimization and Command Centers

Capacity Optimization and Command Centers
Date: 11/10/16
Location: Complimentary webinar
Speakers: James Scheulen, PA, MBA, Chief Administrative Officer for Emergency Medicine and Capacity Management for Johns Hopkins Medicine Mary Martin, MPA, Associate Hospital DirectorSurgical Services, University of Michigan Health System Bree Theobald, Vice President, GE Healthcare Camden Group Jennifer Naylor, Senior Manager, GE Healthcare Camden Group
This complimentary webinar, presented by University of Michigan Health System (“UMHS”) and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, in collaboration with GE Healthcare Camden Group, will focus on innovative, forward-thinking approaches two leading academic health center systems have undertaken to improve patient flow and optimize capacity to achieve measurable outcomes, including designing and implementing a first-of-its-kind command center. Using both systems as case studies, the speakers will share their experiences, challenges, and successes with achieving capacity transformation without expansion, as they enable the transformation needed to thrive as an academic health center of the future.

MGMA 2016 Annual Conference

Developing Powerful Physician Leadership and Engagement
Date: 10/30/16 - 11/02/16
Location: San Francisco, California
Speakers: Marc Mertz, MHA, FACMPE and Peter Valenzuela, MD, MBA, CMPE, chief medical officer, Sutter Medical Group of the Redwoods, Santa Rosa, California
The number of physicians and medical groups employed by hospitals continues to grow as organizations seek to create integrated delivery networks. Many hospital employed groups struggle to achieve the desired level of success and often generate significant financial losses. The lack of active physician engagement and leadership in the hospital-employed structure is a major contributing factor. This session reviews real-life examples of how hospitals have created physician group organizational structures that give physicians active roles in leadership and management and drive improved results.

VA-DC HFMA Fall Conference

The New Paradigm of Patient Access: Maximizing Access Through Clinically Integrated Care
Date: 09/28/16 - 09/30/16
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Speakers: Lucy Zielinksi and Susan Corneliuson, MHS, FACHE
Join Lucy Zielinski and Susan Corneliuson as they share their insights on patient access and clinically integrated care.

CAPG Colloquium 2016

Coordinated Care 101: A Primer
Date: 09/28/16 - 09/30/16
Location: Washington D.C.
Speakers: Laura Jacobs, MPH and Megan Calhoun, MS, MSW
Join us for our preconference session that provides a soup-to-nuts primer on the keys to success in population health management, and specifically moving into risk arrangements. Everything from market considerations, payer contracting, care management, and physician and patient engagement to incentive structures will be covered, along with lessons learned from those who have been there.

Health Data Management's Value-Based Care Conference

Working Together: Providers, Payers, MedTech, Pharmacy and More Get on the Same Team
Date: 09/21/16 - 09/22/16
Location: Dallas, TX
Speakers: Daniel Marino, MBA, MHA
Health Data Management’s inaugural Value-Based Care conference will bring attendees a broad overview of the state of the transition to value-based care models in the United States, with a focus on the strategies and tools that are making leading adopters successful.

Maryland HFMA Fall Education Seminar

Healthcare Hot Topics – Reimbursement, Regulation, and Reform
Date: 08/19/16
Location: Towson, MD
Speakers: Kelly Tiberio
Next Generation of Bundled Payments

MGMA 2016 Financial Management and Payer Contracting Conference

Value-Based Contracting 101: How to Prepare for and be Successful in a Value-Based World
Date: 02/28/16 - 03/01/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Speakers: Sabrina Burnett
Sabrina Burnett presents Value-Based Contracting 101: How to Prepare for and be Successful in a Value-Based World at Medical Group Management Association's 2016 Financial Management and Payer Contracting Conference.

HFMA Seminar

Coordinating Clinically Integrated Networks for Effective Population Health Management
Date: 12/09/15 - 12/11/15
Location: Chicago, IL
Speakers: Daniel J. Marino, MBA, MPH and William Faber, M.D., MA, MS
This seminar reviews effective governance, value-based payer contracting strategies, physician engagement, e-health strategies (including EHR and HIE components), clinical quality measures, and the growing role of data and analytics. Participants will also receive practical guidance and insights for launching clinically integrated networks, ACOs, and other forms of care delivery and payment models; discuss strategies for engaging physicians, building clinical programs, and technology structures; and learn how to create a plan for the evolution of clinical integration through real-world case analysis and peer discussion.

HFMA Region 9 Conference 2015

The Bundled Payment Imperative: Successfully Navigating Payment Transformation
Date: 11/15/15 - 11/17/15
Location: New Orleans, LA
Speakers: Kimberly Hartsfield, MPA
HFMA Region 9's seven chapters serve over 4,000 member healthcare professionals in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. This conference offers up to 20 available CPE credits and a top-flight agenda of education topics presented by industry experts and senior healthcare executives. Kimberly Hartsfield discusses bundled payments and navigating payment transformations for hospitals and health systems.

The Camden Group Webinar

Transforming Your Medical Group for Future Success
Date: 11/12/15
Location: Webinar
Speakers: Mary Witt, MSW, Lucy Zielinksi, Susan Corneliuson, MS, FACHE
Is your medical group positioned to succeed in a value-based, consumer-driven world where access, quality, and cost are the drivers of success? Will your current business and care delivery models support new payment systems, meet technology requirements, and satisfy consumer demands? Have you started to transform the delivery of care to respond to competition and changing market forces? By the conclusion of the webinar, attendees will:
  • Understand the three reasons why practices must be transformed
  • Learn how to construct a high-level roadmap to addresses technology, operational efficiency, financial performance, patient access and satisfaction, and clinical care redesign
  • Discover how to assess a practice in order to identify the gap between where its medical group is currently positioned and where it needs to be for optimum success
  • Cite new-generation key performance indicators to measure performance and successes
  • Determine next steps for transforming the medical group for future success.

Illinois MGMA Fall Financial Management Conference

Reimbursement Trends: Migrating from Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Models and Bundled Payments
Date: 10/30/15
Location: Schaumburg, IL
Speakers: Tori Manis, MBA
This session will explore critical success factors for strategic, operational, financial, and business implications of reimbursement based largely on providers ability to manage risk, and bundled payments for both commercial and government-supported patients. Providing strategies and examples in navigating the healthcare transition to new clinical and financial models for commercial, self-insured employers, and government payers, in this session attendees will learn:
  • New value-based reimbursement models
  • Unique provider and payer partnerships
  • Bundled payment program growth
  • The roles of transparency, physician engagement, and care redesign within bundled payments
  • Identifying clinical and cost metrics for tracking and evaluation
  • Implementing dashboards and monitoring program performance

2015 South Texas HFMA Valley Forum

Navigating the Era of Fusion Reimbursement - Bundled Payments
Date: 10/22/15
Location: Edinburg,TX
Speakers: Barbara Letts
Barbara Letts presents on bundled payments fusion reimbursement at the 2015 South Texas HFMA Valley Forum.

The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management’s 2015 Annual National Institute

From Volume to Value: Making the Transition
Date: 10/14/15 - 10/16/15
Location: Orlando, FL
Speakers: Tawnya Bosko, DHA, MS, MHA, MSHL
As healthcare reform brings change to the delivery system, reimbursement is becoming increasingly tied to quality and value. During this change, physicians are in a transitional period in which they must maintain volumes while focusing on quality and providing increased value. By collaborating with payers, physicians can create a unique, consistent incentive program that meets the goals of their practice and payer partners, making the value-based transition more manageable. In this session participants will learn how to structure a consistent, performance-based incentive program for physicians and develop an approach to working with payers to make the program successful.

The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development’s ("SHSMD") Annual Conference

Price & Quality Transparency: Analyzing the Publicly Available Information for Strategic Advantage
Date: 10/11/15 - 10/14/15
Location: Washington, DC
Speakers: Tawnya Bosko, DHA, MS, MHA, MSHL and Matthew Briskin, MPH
This session will provide an overview of the key transparency issues related to healthcare reform legislation, a summary of currently available public information, its source, and methodological considerations as well as insight as to the use of this information from an analytical perspective within the organization.

MGMA 2015 Annual Conference

Success! Our Medical Group Has Grown! Now What?
Date: 10/11/15 - 10/14/15
Location: Nashville, TN
Speakers: Tawnya Bosko, DHA, MS, MHA, MSHL
The MGMA 2015 Annual Conference brings together healthcare leaders from various medical specialties and practice sizes. Leading physician practice consultants will gather to discuss ways to improve medical group performance. In this session Tawnya Bosko, DHA will present on medical group expansion.

MGMA 2015 Annual Conference

Creating a High Performing Medical Group Through Assessment, Planning, and Action
Date: 10/11/15 - 10/14/15
Location: Nashville, TN
Speakers: Marc Mertz, MHA, FACMPE
The MGMA 2015 Annual Conference brings together healthcare leaders from various medical specialties and practice sizes. Leading physician practice consultants will gather to discuss ways to improve medical group performance. In this session Marc Mertz will present on Creating a High Performing Medical Group Through Assessment, Planning, and Action.

International Institute for Analytics

Improving Healthcare: Episode of Care Analytics
Date: 09/23/15
Location: Webinar
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA
In this webinar, Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D. joins members of the International Institutes for Analytics to discuss the benefits and opportunities of episode of care analytics. They will touch on some of the challenges associated with implementation, and some proven ways to avoid them.

Ohio MGMA Fall Conference

From Volume to Value: Making the Transition
Date: 09/18/15
Location: Akron, OH
Speakers: Tawnya Bosko, DHA, MS, MHA, MSHL
As healthcare reform brings change to the delivery system, reimbursement is becoming increasingly tied to quality and value. During this change, physicians and other healthcare providers are left in a transitional period in which they must maintain volumes while focusing on quality, cost, and outcomes. This session will provide an overview of the evolution of new reimbursement models and offer strategies and considerations for success.

The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania Payment Reform Summit 2015

Alternative Payment & Delivery Models - ACO Presentations Followed by Panel Discussion
Date: 09/02/15
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Speakers: Teresa Koenig, M.D., MBA
Teresa Koenig, M.D., MBA, senior vice president and chief medical officer of GE Healthcare Camden Group will serve as a panelist during the Alternative Payment & Delivery Models ACO presentations and panel discussion at The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania Payment Reform Summit 2015.

Financial Managers Annual Conference - Be the Voice for Charting New Directions

Pre-Conference Intensive: Operational Readiness for Value-Based Payments
Date: 09/01/15 - 09/03/15
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Speakers: Andy Edeburn, MA
This session will provide a comprehensive overview of the risks and opportunities associated with value-based payments. The value-based payment forces are converging, so hear what you need to do now to get ready. The following will be discussed:
  • Current environment - how both Medicare and Medicaid are shifting to value-based payment
  • Different types of value-based payment arrangements and their risks and benefits
  • The basic building blocks for successful participation in value-based payment arrangements, which include data and analytics, clinical redesign, and financial/IT infrastructure
  • Case study discussions, key lessons learned and readiness checklist

The Governance Institute's Governance Support Conference

Governance Best Practices: What’s Old, What’s New?
Date: 08/09/15 - 08/11/15
Location: Kissimmee, FL
Speakers: Guy Masters, MPA
The Governance Institute's Governance Support Conference offers current information, interactive sessions, expert speakers, and the opportunity to meet others with a similar commitment to improving governance and achieving optimal board performance. In this session, we focus on the best practices for governance of healthcare organizations.

Bundled Payment Summit

Breakthrough Innovations in Bundled Payments Implementation
Date: 06/03/15 - 06/05/15
Location: Washington, DC
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBAKimberly Hartsfield, MPA, Peggy Crabtree, RN
In four presentations, GE Healthcare Camden Group's bundled payment experts present:
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Bundled Payments Implementation: A Presentation of Best in Class Tools to Measure and Achieve Success - Deirdre Baggot, Kimberly Hartsfield, and Peggy Crabtree
  • Managing the Flaws in BPCI - Deirdre Baggot
  • Deploying Actionable Dashboards - Deirdre Baggot
  • Medicare BPCI Report Out - Deirdre Baggot

The 6th Annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit

Information Asymmetry and Healthcare Value: Using Data to Provide Insight into the Relationship Between Patient Experience and Quality of Medical Care
Date: 05/17/15 - 05/20/15
Location: Cleveland, OH
Speakers: Tawnya Bosko, DHA, MS, MHA, MSHL
Financial incentives are becoming tied to quality based factors such as patient experience results and performance on clinical measures. There is not a consistent mechanism to measure the quality of services by physicians and other healthcare providers. However, a combination of two domains: patient experience results and performance on quality measures are often used. This session will review a case where CG-CAHPS survey data was connected to HEDIS performance data as part of a performance bonus program for a medical group and was used to measure correlation, understand characteristics of higher performers in patient experience, and improve overall quality.

Network Building & Contracting & The Pay-for-Value Optimization

The Payment Reform Mash-up: How Innovative Leaders Are Winning with Bundled Payment and Fusion Reimbursement Models
Date: 05/14/15 - 05/15/15
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D, MBA
Keynote Address: Fee-for-service will not be replaced with a single payment construct; rather, there will be a fusion of multiple reimbursement models on the risk continuum all working synergistically based on the unique needs and risk associated with a given population.
  • How smart approaches to payment reform will move markets and redefine competition as we know it in United States healthcare
  • Why being first to market matters more than being perfect
  • What the “Run to Risk” really means for your organization and your market
  • Understanding the implications of the new power distribution in healthcare and its impact on the healthcare economy

Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit

Harnessing the Power of Healthcare Transparency
Date: 04/13/15 - 04/15/15
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Speakers: Kimberly Hartsfield, MPA and Mark Froimson, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer Trinity Health (Livonia, MI)
As providers continue to compete on cost, quality, and value, data is becoming increasingly valuable for building market position and expanding covered populations. Hear how providers are capitalizing on the opportunity to analyze and plan with the growing amount of publicly available data. Learn strategies for managing and communicating the transparency message.

Ohio MGMA Winter State Conference

Optimizing Your EMR and Engaging Your Patients: Preparing for Meaningful Use Stage 2
Date: 03/06/15 - 02/06/15
Location: Columbus, OH
Speakers: Daniel J. Marino, MBA, MPH and Carmiña Nitzki
If you’re not meeting meaningful use, you may be leaving money on the table. Eligible providers who meet meaningful use criteria may receive up to $24,000 (Medicare) or may receive up to $63,750 (Medicaid). The learning objectives for this session include:
  • Learn to optimize your EMR and successfully participate in the CMS EHR Incentive Program
  • Timeline for Stage 2 for reporting
  • Understand the differences between Stage 1 and Stage 2 requirements
  • Deadlines for avoiding penalties 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Relationship between MU and PQRS
  • Difficulty with patients and portal usage

MGMA 2015 Financial Management and Payer Contracting Conference

"Easing into" Payment-for-Value
Date: 03/01/15 - 03/03/15
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Speakers: Tawnya Bosko, DHA, MS, MHA, MSHL and Adam Medlin, MHA
Building a solid financial foundation for your practice is essential. Financially stable practices require strong revenue cycle management, optimal physician compensation plans, effective contract analysis and negotiation and more. Today's healthcare landscape also requires that practice administrators understand and prepare for value-based payments. Learn more about these topics at this conference.

Hospital & Physician Relations Executive Summit

Data, Analytics, and Payment Transformation
Date: 03/01/15 - 03/03/15
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA and Mark Froimson, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer Trinity Health
Effective use of data and analytics can facilitate success with new payment methodologies, particularly bundled payments. Learn how to leverage strategic data assets to maximize revenue, reduce episode variation and costs, standardize care, increase operational efficiencies, ensure patient satisfaction, and improve quality and outcomes.  Examine data elements required for transparent discussions.

HFMA Master Session: Population Health Management And The Next Generation Of Clinical Integration

Population Health Management and Clinically Integrated Networks
Date: 02/18/15 - 02/20/15
Location: Washington, DC
Speakers: Daniel J. Marino, MBA, MPH, William Faber, M.D., MA, MS, Sabrina Burnett
Health reform is spurring hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and other provider organizations to collaborate to deliver more coordinated care by creating Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) with a focus on population health management. These CINs require the alignment of hospitals, physicians, and other providers to proactively manage patient care, improve quality, and manage costs for defined populations. Discussion topics include effective governance, value-based payer contracting strategies, physician engagement, e-health strategies (including EHR and HIE components), clinical quality measures and the growing role of data and analytics, and learning how to develop a program infrastructure and team to succeed in your organization and patient marketplace.

Bundled Payment Implementation Forum

How to Build and Optimize an Episode-Based Payment Program
Date: 01/12/15 - 01/13/15
Location: Coral Gables, FL
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA and Kimberly Hartsfield, MPA
Attend the only conference focused exclusively on the actual implementation of an effective bundled payment program for providers and payers. In the drive to reduce costs and improve outcomes, bundled payment is recognized as the wave of the future. With CMS, major plans and large employers driving the movement, the time is now to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn exactly the steps you must take to be ahead of the curve.

2014 Healthcare Bundled Payments Congress

Breakthrough Innovations in Bundled Payments, Key Management Strategies, Innovations in Medicare Bundles
Date: 11/13/14 - 11/14/14
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA, Tori Manis, MBA, Kimberly Hartsfield, MPA
This session is focused on proven science and tools for success with bundled payments across all sectors of the market.

HFMA South Carolina Chapter Fall Institute

Payment Transformation in Progress: Bundled Payments in Practice
Date: 10/22/14 - 10/24/14
Location: Charleston, SC
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA, Kimberly Hartsfield, MPA
In our session for the Fall Institute, we will provide an overview of the impacts on healthcare finance and revenue based on current realities and anticipated inevitability of payment transformation, specifically related to bundled payments.

ACHE Austin Cluster

Hospitals and Integrated Networks of the Future
Date: 10/13/14 - 10/16/14
Location: Austin, TX
Speakers: Stephen Gelineau, MS and Mark Dubow, MBA, MSPH
Examine the forces driving change and use proven approaches to achieve sustainable performance in this disruptive healthcare environment.

Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development’s (SHSMD) Annual Conference

Unique Approach to Integrated Delivery System Formation
Date: 10/12/14 - 10/15/14
Location: San Diego, CA
Speakers: Mary Witt, MSW, Cindy Holst, Chief Strategy Officer, Dignity Health, Mark Dubow, MBA, MSPH
This four-day event is designed to equip healthcare strategy professionals with the information and resources that needed to face challenges head-on and implement ideas and solutions that deliver measurable results. In this session, the Dignity Health case study describes the unique process characteristics, techniques, and stakeholder engagement strategies used to move multiple organizations from a hospital-centric, siloed approach to a collaborative system approach to strategic planning for an integrated delivery system.  

HFMA New Jersey's 2014 Annual Institute

Achieving Efficiencies and Cost Savings in Your System: A Tool You Can Implement Next Week
Date: 10/08/14 - 10/10/14
Location: Atlantic City, NJ
Speakers: Mark Dubow, MBA, MSPH and Brandon Klar, MHSA
Most integrated delivery systems are falling far short of their financial goals, and their long-term viability is at risk. Whether your system has recently formed, added a partner, is evaluating the potential for a new partner, or has been in a stable mode, future success depends on optimizing and regionalizing the system’s programs and resources. This session will provide chief financial officers and other c-suite leaders a fresh strategic, data-driven process Business Plan of Efficiencies they can implement to achieve that objective.

HFMA Northeastern Pennsylvania Summer Education Session

Value-based Physician Compensation
Date: 07/18/14
Location: Hanover Township, PA
Speakers: Susan Corneliuson, MHS, FACHE
This session will focus on navigating the complexities involved in preparing for the shift to value-based physician compensation.

Innovation in the Era of Payment Reform: How Will Bundled Payments Impact Innovation?

Expert Roundtable on Innovation and Bundled Payments
Date: 07/10/14
Location: Washington, DC
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, PhD (c), MBA, RN
Hear about the current state of bundled payments, including case examples; the benefits, risks and barriers to their expanded use; and join the discussion on what this will mean for the innovation ecosystem and for patients.

The Pay for Performance Summit

The Future of Pay for Performance for Hospitals and Physicians: Next Generation Models in Public and Private Sectors
Date: 05/24/14 - 05/26/14
Location: San Francisco, CA
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA
Leaders from industry, government, and the non-profit sector will share best practices and lessons learned from grappling with real-world implementation issues related to performance measurement.

AHLA Webinar

The Next Generation of Bundled Payments
Date: 04/14/14
Location: n/a
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, MBA, RN, PhD (c), Kimberly Hartsfield, MPA, Jill Garodon (Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP), Valinda Rutledge, MBA, MS (President and CEO, Rutledge Health Care Consulting)
This webinar will address: Medicare and Medicaid approaches to bundled payments; commercial and self-funded employer bundled payments; structural and contractual considerations with bundled payments; and gainshare constructs and strategies with bundled payments.

2014 ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership

Successful Strategies for Payor Partnership in the Reform Era
Date: 03/26/14
Location: Chicago, IL
Speakers: James R. Smith, FACHE and Richard Ferrans, MD, SVP, CMIO, Presence Health
Learning objectives
  • Discuss how organizations evaluate market opportunities to develop successful networks of physicians, hospitals and health systems
  • Identify concrete steps that can be taken to create sustainable partner relationships with payors

The Governance Institute's Leadership Conference

Stand Alone or Merge: The Only Options (concurrent session) and Leading Changes in Clinical Integration (general session)
Date: 03/09/14 - 03/12/14
Location: Tucson, AZ
Speakers: Guy Masters, MPA
We will be speaking at a concurrent session and a general session at this leadership conference for board chairs, board members, healthcare executives, and physicians.

Healthcare Executives of Southern California (HCE)

Inland Empire Education Program
Date: 12/05/13
Location: Loma Linda, CA
Speakers: Lola Osawe, MHA, CMPE, Manager, The Camden Group
This session will cover trends in healthcare and impact on future leaders.

National Accountable Care Congress

Preconference 1: "Uh Oh...I'm an ACO...Now What Do I Do?"
Date: 11/04/13 - 11/06/13
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Speakers: Teresa Koenig, MD, MBA, Laura Jacobs, MPH, Adam Medlin, MHA, Sylvia Hastana, BSN
This session will cover the following key topics:
  • The Financial Realities of Living in Two Worlds: modeling the impact of population health management in a fee-for service world (hospital, physician, and enterprise impact)
  • Redesigning Care at the Ground Level: process and key components of care models that will drive desired outcomes -- engaging physicians and retraining staff; data requirements
  • Being Data Focused When the Data is Imperfect: doing what you can with what you have without losing credibility or focus
  • Leadership and Culture Change: requirements of effective leadership and what's different -- management and clinical leadership to drive change in an uncertain environment

The National Dual Eligibles Summit

Preconference1: Dual Eligible Market Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions
Date: 10/31/13
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Speakers: Jeff Flick, National Vice President, Government Programs, HealthCare Partners, Torrance, CA, Marge Mercury, RN, MS, CMCE and James Smith, FACHE 
This session will provide leaders of hospitals, health systems, and physician groups a comprehensive understanding of the dual eligible population and the financial imperatives, resource use, and care coordination requirements this population creates for their organizations. Industry leaders will gain insight on how to restructure their care management processes, build appropriate infrastructure, and align incentives in order to effectively manage dual eligible patients across the continuum of care.

Hospital & Physician Leadership Summit: Strategies for Accountable Care

Leveraging Your Clinical Integration Program for Specialty Physician Alignment
Date: 10/13/13 - 10/15/13
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Speakers: Richard Cicero, SVP, Business Development and Cynthia Moore-Hardy, FACHE, President and CEO Lake Health (Willoughby, OH), and Jay Warden, MBA, MHSA
As healthcare organizations seek tighter alignment with physicians across the continuum, the pivotal role of specialists in population health management and maintaining market presence can’t be forgotten. Examine Lake Health’s model for measuring, incentivizing, and improving specialty physician performance through clinical integration. Hear recommendations for leveraging value-based care entities for specialty physician alignment.

Physicians Pension & Insurance Services Seminar

Physicians' Survival in the Era of Health Care Reform
Date: 09/10/13
Location: Torrance, CA
Speakers: Andre Berger, M.D. and Alex Foxman, M.D. (founders of National ACO), and Eli Mingail, MSPH
The speaker panel for this seminar will cover topics including:
  • How to position your practice to survive the changes
  • Who can join an ACO and how to choose one
  • How are primary care doctors and specialists affected by these changes
  • What you need to know about infrastructure and transition planning for you practice or medical
...and more!    

AHA Meeting

Structural, Clinical, Operational, and Cultural Changes Necessary in a Hospital Sponsor for Success with Bundled Payments
Date: 07/31/13
Location: San Diego, CA
Speakers: Deirdre Baggot, RN, MBA
Learn how structure can either be a enabling factor or a barrier, the clinical implications of performance risk under bundled payment and more.

2013 Cerner Physician Summit

Beyond Meaningful Use: HCIT’s role in the “New Normal”
Date: 07/30/13 - 07/31/13
Location: San Diego, CA
Speakers: Marc Mertz, MHA, FACMPE and Laura Berberian, RN, MSN, MM
Topics of discussion include:
  • Beyond Meaningful Use: HCIT's Role in the 'New Normal'
  • Focus on the Physician: Innovations in EHR Design , Mobility and Usability
  • Ensuring Quality and Compliance: Preparing Meaningful Use Stage 3 and ICD-10

2013 Health Insurance Exchange Congress

The New Health Insurance Exchange Customer: Know How to Reach Them by Knowing Who They Are
Date: 07/29/13 - 06/30/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Speakers: Marge Mercury, RN, MS, CMCE
The new Health Insurance Exchange offers the promise of coverage for individuals, families, and small businesses that provide them with health insurance choices and purchasing power. Under the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) an exchange will serve as a one stop “marketplace” where individuals search for health insurance coverage options. The presentation will examine consumer outreach and enrollment efforts and more.

21st Annual Health Forum and the American Hospital Association Leadership Summit

One Size Does Not Fit All: Achieving Clinical Integration in Settings from A to Z
Date: 07/26/13
Location: San Diego, CA
Speakers: T. Clifford Deveny, MD, SVP, Physician Practice Management, Catholic Health Initiatives, and Laura Jacobs, MPH 
This session will describe the transformational journey of one of the largest national health systems to establish population health management capabilities across the country through the establishment of clinically integrated networks as a fundamental cornerstone. With health care facilities ranging from critical access hospitals to tertiary facilities in highly competitive urban markets, the structure and  “face” of clinical integration takes many forms. This session will review the various forms and essential requirements for achieving successful clinical integration – even in markets where there is minimal market movement to population or value-based payment structures.

Indiana Hospital Association Trustee Conference

“New Models of Care” and “Sustaining Financial Stability Amid Dwindling Reimbursement”
Date: 06/23/13 - 06/25/13
Location: French Lick, IN
Speakers: Steven Valentine, MPA
Come listen to GE Healthcare Camden Group President, Steven Valentine, speak at the Indiana Hospital Association's annual two day conference for chief executive officers and trustees in historic French Lick Springs Resort in French Lick, Indiana.

Great Lakes Chapter of American College of Healthcare Executives

The Future of Healthcare Financing and Urge to Merge
Date: 06/12/13
Location: Lansing, MI
Financing, a driving force on the healthcare landscape, continues to become more complex. With budgetary pressures on Medicare and Medicaid, pay for performance and federal expectations for investment in technology without regard to costs, executives must constantly monitor the financing landscape. Given these pressures, many questions emerge including the urge to merge.

10th Annual CAPG Healthcare Conference

Marketplace Impact of the Exchange
Date: 06/06/13 - 06/09/13
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Speakers: Steven Valentine, MPA
Analysis, opinions and prognostications on the California Exchange…Can it be successful in a state with the biggest population and the most uninsured, with crippling budget issues? The California Exchange is ahead of the national pack, with enrollment to begin in October and go-live January 1, 2014. How will this play out?

10th Annual CAPG Healthcare Conference

Is Global Capitation an Inevitable Part of Your Future?
Date: 06/06/13 - 06/09/13
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Speakers: Laura Jacobs, MPH and James Smith, MBA, FACHE
As the payer marketplace gears up for 2014, and both public and private exchanges prepare to launch, have your group’s contracting strategies kept up?  In some cases, physician groups should be thinking about either enabling global capitation (e.g. health plan license) and/or pursuing their own private-label health plan products. This session will look at the rationale and risks associated with these strategies, as well as some critical success factors to consider

2013 Medical Liability Conference

Analyzing Today’s Medical Group Practice: How to Succeed in Turbulent Times
Date: 05/16/13
Location: Palm Desert, CA
Speakers: Laura Jacobs, MPH

Join the PIAA and your colleagues from around the world at the premiere event for MPL professionals.

4th Annual Becker's Hospital Review Meeting

Physician Compensation in a Value Based World
Date: 05/09/13 - 05/11/13
Location: Chicago, IL
Speakers: James Slaggert, Vice President of Operations, Physician Practice Management, Catholic Health Initiatives, William Gil, Chief Executive Officer, Facey Medical Foundation, moderated by Mary Witt
The best minds in the hospital field will discuss opportunities for hospitals plus provide practical and immediately useful guidance on ACOs, physician-hospital integration, improving profitability and key specialties.  In this session, panelists focus on value-based physician compensation.

4th Annual Becker's Hospital Review Meeting

Key Considerations in a Co-Management Arrangement
Date: 05/09/13 - 05/11/13
Location: Chicago, IL
Speakers: Dean Thomas, Vice President of Clinical Service Lines, Scottsdale Healthcare, and Robert Minkin, MBA, FACHE, moderated by Virginia Tyler
This exclusive conference brings together hospital business and strategy leaders to discuss how to improve your hospital and its bottom line in these challenging but opportunity-filled times.  In this session, panelists will focus on how to successfully design and implement co-management arrangements.

Healthcare Executives of Southern California: Inland Empire Education Program

“Role of Population Health and Group Practice Management”
Date: 05/09/13
Location: Victor Valley Community Hospital
Speakers: Oyinlola Osawa, MHA
Physicians will need to conduct both an internal and external assessment of their resources in order to administer a new care delivery model that enable them to focus on care models centered on population health management. This assessment should include physician compensation, new relationships and alliances (IPAs, ACOs, MSOs, Hospitals, Payers, etc.), medical group technology IQ (Electronic medical record, Health Information Exchange), care coordination and redesign, and patient education.  This presentation will identify ways in which physicians can incorporate these changes in concert with new payment models and local market dynamics to assure on-going financial viability and optimal patient care.

ACHE Webinar

Hospital of the Future: Strategies in an Era of Healthcare Reform
Date: 05/06/13 - 05/07/13
Location: Coral Gables, FL
Speakers: Mark Dubow, MBA, MSPH
Gain new strategies and business models to navigate the changes in healthcare due to the economic climate, the new health reform legislation and other evolving healthcare trends.

Illinois State Medical Society

Charting Your Professional Path: Effective Strategies for Independent Practices
Date: 05/03/13
Location: Oak Brook, IL
Speakers: Gregory Shufelt, MBA and Eric Nielsen, M.D.
Physicians are experiencing the stresses of healthcare reform on their practices and are confronted with many  new challenges, such as declining reimbursements, new payment models, and consolidation. Many physicians  are turning to hospital employment as a strategy to confront these challenges, but there are other alternatives.  This session will help guide you through the after effects of reform, explain new and emerging patient care and reimbursement models, and provide a better understanding of how you can prepare your practice to be successful in the new healthcare environment.

Patient Flow Summit

Achieving Perioperative Efficiency to Smooth the Hospital's Patient Throughput
Date: 04/29/13 - 05/02/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Speakers: Patricia Hines, RN and Bonnie Barndt-Maglio, RN
Come hear Patricia Hines and Bonnie Barndt-Maglio and they present on Perioperative Services at this year's annual Patient Flow Summit in Las Vegas, NV.

The Governance Institute’s Webinar Series

Preparing Today for Healthcare Marketplaces (Exchanges) Tomorrow
Date: 04/24/13
Location: n/a
Speakers: James Smith, MBA, FACHE and Guy Masters, M.P.A.,
As healthcare leaders deal with the many transitions related to healthcare reform, one of the open-ended questions that remains is how health insurance exchanges will work, how many patients will participate in the exchanges, and strategic and financial implications for hospitals and health systems related to public and private exchanges. This webinar will provide a strategic overview and tactical framework to prepare your organization for healthcare marketplaces (exchanges).

HFMA Spring Meeting

Urge to Merge-Who are the candidates?
Date: 03/20/13
Location: Caledonia, MI
Speakers: Mark McIntire, MBA
Come to the Stonewater Country Club in Caledonia, Michigan for the HFMA's spring meeting! At this event, Mark McIntire, Senior Vice President at the Camden Group will discuss the pros and cons of healthcare mergers.  

The Healthcare Crystal Ball: California in 2013

Discover major trends on the horizon for the next 18 months and those currently in play.
Date: 12/19/12
Location: N/A
Speakers: Steven Valentine, MPA 
The Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. The building of the California Health Benefits Exchange. President Obama's reelection. These were some of the events that defined California's healthcare industry during 2012. What will 2013 bring? Join us on Wednesday, December 19 at 10 a.m. Pacific when Payers & Providers presents its final but most significant Web event of this year: The 2013 Healthcare Crystal Ball For California. This webinar features three of California's most dynamic leaders: Steven T. Valentine, President of GE Healthcare Camden Group; Henry Loubet, Chief Strategy Officer for Keenan and Peter Boland, President at Boland Healthcare.

HFMA Regional Education Sessions

Physician Integration, Bundled Payments, and Co-Management
Date: 11/14/12 - 11/15/12
Location: Orange County & San Bernardino CA
Speakers: Robert Minkin, MBA, FACHE
Come hear Robert Minkin, Senior Vice President with GE Healthcare Camden Group, as he presents on "Strategies for Success for Hospitals and Providers."  Mr. Minkin will share pertinent lessons for success with specific reference to healthcare reform and the election results.

ACHE Webinar

Hospital of the Future: Strategies in an Era of Healthcare Reform
Date: 11/06/12 - 11/07/12
Location: San Antonio Cluster
Speakers: Mark Dubow, MBA, MSPH
Gain new strategies and business models to navigate the changes in healthcare due to the economic climate, the new health reform legislation and other evolving healthcare trends.

The HealthCare Roundtable

The HealthCare Roundtable for Human Resources Executives
Date: 10/11/12
Location: San Diego, CA
Participants identify the issues they want to explore and the experts they want to hear from. A typical two-day Roundtable seminar will feature 3-5 speakers (outside speakers and/or Members themselves) making presentations on recent trends and innovative projects.

Idaho Hospital Association 79th Annual Convention

Ahead of the Curve: What You Must Know (and Do) to Thrive in Changing Times
Date: 10/07/12
Location: Sun Valley, ID
This presentation will discuss the key trends, their implications to your organization, and what is critical to do now to ensure your organizations viability in the new era.

American College of Healthcare Executives Webinar

Repositioning Your Service Lines in an Accountable Care World
Date: 09/19/12
Location: N/A
Speakers:  and
This webinar will delve into how you can modify your service line tactics to help your organization thrive in the dynamic post-reform environment of value-based purchasing. The presenters will share how other organizations have successfully built new arrangements for their service lines.

IDN Summit and Reverse Expo

Financial Operations Track: Episodes of Care
Date: 09/11/12 - 09/13/12
Location: Phoenix, AZ
In this session, you will hear from an expert on episodes of care, followed by discussion of how an episodes of care program can impact an organization.  Learning objectives from this session include: 1.  Compare an episode of care approach to a traditional fee for service approach. 2.  Describe how an episode of care approach can enable better clinical correlation. 3.  Explain how an episode of care approach can improve the overall quality of healthcare.

Texas Hospital Association's Rural Hospital Constituency Council Meeting

"Finding Silver Linings and Opportunities among the Storm Clouds"
Date: 08/22/12 - 08/23/12
Location: Fortworth, Texas
The challenges faced by rural hospitals are significant and yet the rapid and fundamental changes inherent in your organization's environment present opportunities. This is an ideal time to be proactive, take calculated risks, and pursue those opportunities.  The session will highlight silver linings in the storm clouds and stimulate your thinking on actions you will want to take when you return to your community.

CMSA's 22nd Annual Conference and Expo

Developing A Clinically Integrated Care Management Model for ACOS
Date: 06/19/12 - 06/22/12
Location: San Francisco, CA
This conference will focus on important topics and issues to consider when entering into an accountable care organization, and how imperative it is to define the current standards of practice that exist within the clinical care management models embedded within the hospital(s), physician practices, medical homes, and health plans.

National Bundled Payment Summit

Medicare Bundling, Commercial Bundling, Care Math: Understanding the Risk and Reward
Date: 06/12/12 - 06/13/12
Location: George Washington University, Washington DC
This will explore key issues -- clinical, analytic, measurement, payment, and patient engagement -- implicated in implementing a bundled payment program. Conference elements will include keynote addresses from national policy makers and senior executive leaders from around the country, who will highlight challenges and opportunities presented by bundled payments. The track sessions will offer several case studies from experienced executives and healthcare experts. Throughout the event, there will be ample opportunity for audience participation and interaction with presenters.

CAPG 2012 Healthcare Conference

Transition to ACO: After the Gap Analysis
Date: 05/17/12 - 05/20/12
Location: Palm Desert, California
This session examines ways that health systems and physician groups can successfully adapt to new requirements, reimbursements and delivery systems.

AMGA National Conference 2012

Medical Group as Catalyst: Transforming a Hospital System into a Healthcare Delivery System
Date: 03/07/12 - 03/10/12
Location: San Diego, California
This presentation will examine the requirements for success, using new management, governance, and incentive structures to facilitate change, and mechanisms to remove barriers to change.

Physician Strategies Summit

Successful Growth of an Employed Medical Group
Date: 02/19/12 - 02/21/12
Location: Orlando, Florida
Speakers: Todd Hammer, MD, President, Froedtert Health Medical Group and Marc Mertz, FACMPE, MHA
Healthcare reform and the economic pressures of private practice are driving hospitals and physicians to establish and grow hospital-employed medical groups at a rate not seen since the 1990s. Examine strategies for successfully developing and operating an employed group, including: active physician engagement, new governance models, effective physician compensation models, care teams, IT optimization, business office functions, pricing structures, and quality measurement and management.

The Governance Institute Leadership Conference

Strategic Positioning & Board Priorities: Charting a Course in Turbulent Times / Strategic Operations Business Planning: Bridging the Gap between Brilliant Strategy & Effective Implementation
Date: 02/12/12 - 02/15/12
Location: Palm Beach, Florida
Speakers: Guy Masters, MPA
Both sessions will help participants build critical strategic planning skills to strengthen the organization and fulfill its mission.

Home Care 100 Conference

Ahead of the Curve: Competitive Positioning Choices in Uncertain Times
Date: 02/05/12 - 02/07/12
Location: Grande Lakes, Florida
Speakers: Guy Masters, MPA
In this rapidly evolving environment, choices you make today will have a far-reaching impact on the future of your organization. This session will help you assess your current business model and how it fits in an era of healthcare reform and economic uncertainty. How do you identify viable opportunities and partners for optimal returns? What are the emerging payment, regulatory and economic pressures that will impact your strategy and bottom line?